Well, we got a pretty steady flow of rain this weekend. It started Friday evening all the way up until Saturday evening. We managed to beat the rain Friday and got us in an awesome dirt ride at the only trail open in the metroplex. We totally lucked out on that one! So while it was raining there was nothing better than giving “the girls” a bath….

and fix them up with new bike parts!!!! Our new XX Cassettes!

And then of course torture ourselves on the trainer, but we don’t really need to see pictures of that! ; )

Now let me introduce you to the third member of Team Uranga…

This is Plopper!!! And yes, this is a bacon treat on his head…this is also what we do when it is raining! : ) Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend! Only four more days until we head out to Comfort, Tx for the second race of the spring series! Woo hoo!

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