Food, Sleep, and Love

Food, sleep, and love…this is what keeps the wheels going round. Ever since we finished up our road trip to Colorado we’ve really gone back to the basics. It’s way too easy to get caught up with work, cooking, eating, training, sleeping, work, cooking, eating, training, sleeping (you get the point) that eventually we lose sight of the present because we’re so focused on the future. Sooo, eating well, sleeping well, and loving well seems to be the perfect combo to ride really FAST, and who doesn’t want that?!?! 🙂

I’m so excited that the summer heat has FINALLY passed us by! In past years I felt like I could ride all day in 100+ degree temps, but for some reason this year my body just said NO! So while Carlos was dishing it out every Wednesday in the Irving Crit Series, I was his number one fan on the sidelines practicing my Instagram skills! In the summer, the trainer and I had become very close companions during the week.  On the weekends I was super thankful for my body to be trained to wake up early, to get in some long rides before the temperatures hit triple digits. I wish the Fall Season would just last forever! I love everything about it, from the cool, brisk mornings, the energy in the air, and all the super fun races!

About three weeks ago, we kicked off the Fall TMBRA Series in Ruston, LA. That is BY FAR one of our favorite trails and race venues that we’ve ever been to!  Not only is the terrain absolutely beautiful, but the trail is so fast and flowy that it feels like you’re riding a roller coaster! The women’s field was small, only three of us in the Pro Category, but it was a ton of fun.  I had set a goal for myself to reach a certain average speed that I knew would be challenging and would hopefully keep me up towards the front. Coming out of my first lap and heading in for my second, I looked down to check my average and was shocked to see that I was WAY over what my goal was! I wasn’t too sure if that was  REALLY good, or REALLY bad, especially since I had two more laps to go!  I was feeling GREAT! I decided to back off just a little and save it all for the last lap, which ended up being a really good idea. 😉  I finished in 1st and it was an awesome first race of the season!

Since then, we’ve had a few more races, but those are going to have to wait till next time…food, sleep, and love…it’s time to SLEEP!!! 🙂 Let’s keep these wheels ah rollin’!

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