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Carlos and I are a husband and wife team chasing a dream! We are both Certified Personal Trainers, he is a Certified Cycling Coach, and the two of us have been involved in health and fitness our whole lives. We are both very competitive in nature, as Carlos rode bulls all through his teenage years up until his mid 30’s, (he is now 42) he competed in the College, Open and Pro levels. As for myself, I probably started to play sports straight out of my mother’s womb. I was involved in everything from Soccer, Ballet, Tap and Jazz, Softball, Basketball, Track and Field, and my childhood favorite, Volleyball! In 2009 I had a hip and knee injury that didn’t allow me to run anymore, which led us to purchase our first set of mountain bikes. We had no intentions of riding off-road. In fact, we had no idea dirt trails even existed! My background in cycling was extremely limited, while Carlos grew up riding a bike through out nearly his entire childhood. Therefore, he had somewhat a bit of experience from his BMX bike. Now me on the other hand, I was fortunate enough to have a nine speed bike growing up, which at the time I had no idea who or why anyone would need that many gears on a bike!  Maybe it was because I was only allowed to ride my bike from one stop sign to the other and our street was completely flat! : )

So now, 20 years later we find ourselves talking about nothing but bikes everyday. Those first set of mountain bikes that I mentioned earlier were the beginning of this amazing journey.  After riding for only three months, Solavaca Ranch owner, Mack Hargrave convinced us to enter our first race. We were skeptical because of our lack of experience, but then again, life’s too short so what did we have to lose? This is what started it all, from V-Brakes to Disk Brakes, from Hardtails to Full-Suspension, from Aluminum to Carbon, from 26 inch wheels to 29, to 27.5, from baggies to spandex, from knee pads to skin suit, from Cat 3 to Cat 1, from Cat 1 to Pro…ok, you get the picture!

We are part of an amazing and supportive team, Plano Athletic Cycling Club or “PACC,” whom has helped us to grow as racers and riders. But most important, without our faith in God and the constant guidance and support of my amazing husband and coach, I never in a million years would have pictured myself living our lives the way that we do now.  I can truly say that cycling has changed our lives forever! What started as a hobby has become a lifestyle. From being scared and skeptical on that first race, today I have set a goal for myself to become a Professional Mountain Biker! We gladly invite you to follow us on this quest as we update with race reports, pictures, training, recipes, and all the other fun stuff in between!


“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens imageMe” ~ Philippians 4:13image

5 thoughts on “About Us

    • Wow! Huge smile on my face! We know that in putting ourselves “out there” through our blog we will always have our critics, but to hear that we have reached out and inspired others is absolutely inspiring to us! Thank you Joseph for being a part of our journey!


  1. Hey LIsa and Carlos, I have enjoyed reading your blog and hearing about your amazing journey. What is so awesome is that you give credit to the Lord, the one who let’s us live life to the fullest. Congratulations to you both on a great TMBRA spring series. Good luck with all your upcoming races. See ya on the trail!

    • Thanks Brenda!! I’m so glad you like our blog! And YES! Our God is so AMAZING that there is no way we could take credit for all the blessing that He gives us! With that, we do try to live everyday to it’s fullest! Hope to see you soon and I hope you’re enjoying the new wheels…it’s the best bike out there you know! 🙂

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