Comfort Race Recap

Yesterday we drove in late from Comfort. Today is Monday and we are tired, in one piece, and extremely thankful for some good training this weekend. While we were on our way to Comfort we were browsing on the internet and came across a thread about Mellow Johnny’s being open for pre-riding on Saturday between 2-5 pm. Boy did that change all the plans for the weekend. Our original plan was to ride half of the Comfort course on Friday and the other half on Saturday which would total 27 miles. Comfort is a unique venue where the race loop is one ginormous loop, unlike the standard 7-8 mile loop. This makes it pretty hard to pre-ride and keep your legs fresh. We went from race mode to training mode when Carlos and I decided to make the extra hour drive to pre-ride Mellow Johnny’s XCT Pro Loop for next weekends race. At this point we were both well aware and ok with the fact that our legs were not going to be fresh enough to be competitive but yet good enough for a training ride. The Comfort pre-ride went as planned with the exception of us adding the Mellow Johnny’s pre-ride. Being the awesome coach and husband that Carlos is he took one for the team and rode the extra miles that were NOT included in his race for Comfort and THEN rode the UCI loop with me at Mellow Johnny’s that he would also NOT be doing! He knew that his legs would be cashed from adding extra miles the day before a race, but we both agreed that it was more important to know what to expect out of the trail for next weekends race…which by the way is AWESOME! : )

Now let’s get to the race. The first half of the race I felt ok even though it was the most technical part of the trail. There were lots and lots of rocks and a fair amount of climbing. Our technical skills can use a lot of improvement and because of that there is a lot of wasted energy among those sections. I stayed with the leaders all through the first half of the race. Going into the second half of the race, which is not as technical, I noticed my gears weren’t shifting right. I decided to stop and check my bike and sure enough my rear through axle had wiggled itself loose. This didn’t take long and before I knew it I was back on the bike. When I got to the fast and flowy spots my brain was saying “go” and my legs were saying “NO!” It seemed like I only had one speed which it wasn’t slow, but wasn’t fast enough to catch the leaders. When I was approaching the end of the race, you know that little light on the dashboard that lets you know you are running out of gas…you know the little annoying one those goes, “ding?” Well mine was on and it was ringing and blinking like you have no idea! I was just thankful that the last few miles of the race were mostly downhill. I went with everything that I had left to cross the finish line in fourth place. Carlos said he was a little worried when I was so far behind the leaders. But as he saw me from the distance, he checked for dirt and blood ; ) which he didn’t find any. So he looked at Steve and said, “she’s tired.” As I rode by them close to the finish line he asked if I was ok and the funny thing is I said, “I’m tired.” Ha ha I guess he really does know me well!

Carlos’ race was as usual stacked with 34 guys.  His start was the opposite loop of my start. The race is set up kind of like a figure eight. His start was about a half a mile of loose gravel on an uphill sprint. He describes his race as uneventful. He said he rode sloppy and was surprised to find himself still in the race. He could see the line all the way up to the front and he was sitting middle of the pack. As the race went on the field spread out. He maintained his position after passing about one or two guys. He says by “uneventful” there was no one close enough to be passed and no one close enough to pass him. He ended up 17th which he wasn’t too disappointed with. Being middle of the pack with tired legs was pretty good.

As we were driving home from the race he looked over at me and said, “Mission accomplished Baby! We got some awesome training miles this weekend!” There were quite a few PACCsters out there who had solid performances in their fields. Congrats to everyone!

P.S. Camping was SUPER COLD!!! 32 degrees! We’ll post pics later in the week!

Guess What?!?

First things first, Happy Friday!! I hope everyone has had a great week! We are on the road to Comfort, Tx for race #2 of the TMBRA series. Training was good this week and the forecast once again looks promising for another awesome race! We’re camping this time and I can’t wait! We both love that part about racing!
Ok, now guess what?!? Next weekend, what was going to be just race #3 of the series has now turned into the most important race of my life…so far. For those of you who don’t know and haven’t checked our Facebook page, my license has been upgraded to PRO!! Now I can compete in the Pro Mountain Bike Cross Country Tour (Pro XCT)! God is so amazing and He keeps blessing us with all these opportunities! The old saying states, where there is a will there is a way, but really, when it’s His will there is definitely a way! Now I’m sure if you have read the “About Us” part of our blog you know that things have happened SO fast! So, is his overwhelming? ABSOLUTELY! But it is definitely EXCITING! Now we all know how important sleeping is for training, and this news has sure kept me awake! LOL : ) A new element has been added to our training…outreach. This outreach is to help us afford traveling and racing. But I tell you what, two weeks ago we had no idea this was going to happen so soon. So if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. We’re going to continue to do what we’ve been doing, trusting in Him!
So on that note, we hope you guys have an awesome weekend and get to enjoy some beautiful weather wherever you are! Stay posted for a race recap and pictures!

P.S. Lalla, we’re working on a Plopper fan page ; )


Well, we got a pretty steady flow of rain this weekend. It started Friday evening all the way up until Saturday evening. We managed to beat the rain Friday and got us in an awesome dirt ride at the only trail open in the metroplex. We totally lucked out on that one! So while it was raining there was nothing better than giving “the girls” a bath….

and fix them up with new bike parts!!!! Our new XX Cassettes!

And then of course torture ourselves on the trainer, but we don’t really need to see pictures of that! ; )

Now let me introduce you to the third member of Team Uranga…

This is Plopper!!! And yes, this is a bacon treat on his head…this is also what we do when it is raining! : ) Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend! Only four more days until we head out to Comfort, Tx for the second race of the spring series! Woo hoo!

Race Pics From Warda!!!

Hi guys! I hope everyone has had a great week so far! After a super cold race weekend, the temperatures have been AMAZING this week! We have been able to get in some really great training rides in this beautiful weather! Today is our day off, so as I promised here are more pictures from the Warda Race, even more will be coming this weekend…I hope you guys like them!!!

Wow! That was FUN!!!

Well, Winter decided to show up on the first race weekend! Holy Moses it was 30 something degrees and felt like 20 something! I don’t know about you guys, but I come from the El Paso desert and that was COLD!!! So we drove into town midday Saturday to pre-ride a couple of laps. The trail had quite a bit of rain about a week or a week and a half before this race, and not to mention a 12 hour race last weekend in the muddy mess.  Thanks to all the Paydirters out there who put in several hours throughout the week to get the trail in tip-top amazing shape! It couldn’t have been any better to rail corners and pedal your bike! Based off our pre-ride I knew this was going to be a FAST race, and it was! Normally we would campout, but with this crazy weather we dished out the extra cash for a motel. In the morning we had the motel breakfast of champions….WAFFLES! Our start time was 11am, but several guys and gals on our team were starting at 9am so we rolled out early to cheer them on.

There ended up being five other girls lined up with me at the starting line. One was Jessica Rawlins who is the 2011 Cat 1 19-39 State Champion, and the other was Christina Gokey-Smith, Jessica’s coach and also Professional Road Racer for NOW and Novartis for MS cycling team. This was also the first time that they launched a group of guys with us girls at the start. Not only that, but there seemed to be no countdown at the start, just a loud, “GO!” It all caught me by surprise and I missed my pedal badly. As I fumbled around trying to get clipped in on this uphill start all the guys behind me started passing and I got caught in the middle of it all not being able to move up in the field. As soon as it opened up a little bit I charged to bridge the gap the best I could back to Christina and went into the single track in 3rd right behind Jessica. This is pretty much how the entire race was. Since Christina had the hole shot we went into the trail already behind. Jessica and I flip-flopped a few times holding 2nd and 3rd place the whole race. I felt great! Jessica was in front of me as we entered the last section of single track and I knew I had to stay as close to her wheel as possible if I was going to be able to have a chance at taking second. The final right hand turn popping out of the trail came quick and so did the finish line! There just weren’t enough yards to out sprint her. We both made the turn, got off our saddles and sprinted, and she crossed the line one second in front of me! It was such an AWESOME race! Christina finished one minute and thirty seconds in front of us.

Carlos’ field was 42 deep. There was a small crash about 100 yards from the start that he got tangled behind and ended up going into single track about 36th. He did the best he could to pass as many guys as he could and ended up in 19th. His legs felt great and sometimes things out of your hands will get in the way. All in all this race is a great benchmark to know how much our winter training has paid off!

Here are just a few pics and we will have more to come!!!

The spring series is finally here and we are ready!

Tomorrow morning we are heading out to Warda, Tx for the season opener in the Texas Mountain Bike State Championship Series. It’s been a wonderful winter of awesome, yet strangely warm, winter weather, perfect for training! The forecast for this weekend looks promising. So far there are four women signed up in the Pro/Open Category and I know for a fact this race is going to be tight because Texas doesn’t joke around when it comes to women and bikes! Carlos has some steep competition in Cat 1 40-49 with 22 guys so far. Wish us luck and stay posted as we bring back a race report and some photos!