Great things going on!!! We’re super excited to announce two of our newest sponsors, Comedy Defensive Driving and Honey Stinger!! Not only can Comedy Defensive Driving help raise awareness of cyclists on the road and common distractions for drivers in our crazy world, but it can also help lower your insurance!!! It’s an affordable (only $25) way to keep your driving record clean and you can do it all with a little humor involved from the comfort of your own home! So if you’re driving record is a little shy of being clean or you’re just in it for the discount, take this class NOW and send your certificate to your insurance…no need to pay extra to them when that money could be going to extra bike parts! ; ) So with all that being said we’d like to express our gratitude to them for believing in our dream and supporting us on our journey to the top!

On another note, being a new addition to the Honey Stinger Hive is perfect for delicious on the bike fuel!  We have been using their tasty and ORGANIC, Energy Chews and Stinger Waffles (can we say addicting?!?) for sometime now.  On those long rides and hard effort days, they always seem to make riding that much better!!! So next time you’re at your local bike shop or even at the gym, pick one up when you need a pick me up!

Ok, we’re keeping this short but sweet today so we can start getting things ready to crit it up tonight! If you’re in the area, come check us out and cheer us on! Directions and info at The Irving Criterium Series. Hope you’re temps are as good as ours wherever you’re at…GO RIDE!!!!!

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